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About Me

I created this blog to share interesting places that I have visited and interesting things that I have done.  This started out when I decided that I really needed an organizational list, a bucket list actually, to help me plan out my life after retirement.

Having worked since I was a about 16 years old, I now finally have the time to do things on my own, rather than for one of the companies that I worked for.  Having worked for many companies in my life, including Atari, ILC, Morton-Thiokol, Abaxis, Scientific Technologies, Inc., A.C. Ball Company and FMC, I found that I needed to always be very organized. 

I used the standard organizational programs, especially Excel, to help me stay focused.  But when I retired, I found that I was now faced with many new priorities of keeping my cars and house maintained and my yard well- groomed.  On top of that, I have numerous hobbies and collections that needed constant attention. and cataloging.

In addition, I love to travel and I have found that this portion of my planning was always helter skelter.  So I developed a simple list, a bucket list, which I use for planning and for keeping track of the places that I have visited and the interesting things (at least to me) that I have completed – my drops in the bucket. 


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