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After reading this review, I am sure that you will be very impressed with this high-quality, low-cost digital microscope. If you would like to order one, please follow this link:


Evaluation of the Jiusion USB and WiFi Digital Microscope took place in my lab which is used primarily as a facility to inspect printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies to international ISO standards. Of which this microscope is heavily used to document defects, and to provide photographic evidence to the suppliers of those defective articles. The microscope is also used as a training aid for incoming, in-process and final inspection technicians.

During the course of this evaluation, several additional items and specimens were evaluated as was the overall microscope for ease of set-up and use, resolution, operation manual and general quality of the microscope.

Further, it was actually two types of Jiusion microscopes that were evaluated, one being a standard USB model and the other a WiFi digital model. The latter being installed and used on a standard iPhone while the former was installed on a stand-alone computer with a Windows 10 operating system. The accompanying photos were taken with both iOS and Win10 systems with no distinction made for either.

This evaluation begins with a sampling of specimens that were inspected and photographed:

In an industrial electronics environment, the overall quality of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA’s) is extremely critical. Companies use various international standards, mostly ISO, for the inspection of both PCB’s and PCBA’s. The bare PCB’s shown are standard surface mount boards with gold plated pads.

Components that are mounted onto PCB’s can take a great deal of time to inspect, especially if they mounted onto a highly populated PCBA. Of course, good quality assurance practices suggest that the supplier is responsible for ensuring that PCB and PCBA quality meet the required standards. However, the need for an incoming inspection by the customer is always a good practice, even if on a limited sampling basis. This microscope allows the customer to inspect quickly, document defects and notify suppliers of any issues. Further, it allows suppliers to evaluate their products and request approval from their customers for any item that may be of a borderline or ambiguous nature.

As a training aid, this microscope is an invaluable tool. In the course of teaching newly hired solder operators and inspectors, our microscope was attached to a large screen television monitor in order to show the entire class what is an acceptable solder joint versus one that is not. This allowed the class to enter into a group discussion on the subject of how to make an acceptable solder joint and inspect that solder joint.

The above inspection photo shows at least four items that are essential in the make-up of a high-quality PCB. The gold solder pads, the interconnect via, the green solder mask, and the silk screening.


The above shows a clear-bodied sensor that has gold wire bonds that connect the integrated circuit to the thru-hole leads which mount to a PCB. This item in actual size is about 1 centimeter (~1/2″) in length. This component was defective and you can see that there are several gold wire bonds that did get attached to the gold pads of the black IC.

So, what else can this precision microscope be used for?

Gemologists and rockhounds can use this microscope to inspect specimens for clarity and overall quality. In the field the WiFi version is a handy tool when used with a mobile phone, however, the USB version is equally handy, the user must simply have it attached to a laptop in order to see a specimen or capture a photo of it. Above is a raw diamond captured on an iPhone, below is a piece of Australian opal.

For a numismatist (one who collects coins) this microscope is a wonderful tool for fine inspection of coins for defects, both intentionally or accidentally made after the coin left the mint where it was made, and the rarer (and valuable) defect caused at the mint. This would include double strikes, double dates, double mint marks, partial dates, missing letters and numbers, and die-cracks.

Below is a close-up examination of Lincoln’s face on a penny.

This microscope is a valuable tool for self-examination. Although fun for children (and adults) to examine items like facial beard hair below, or even fingernails. The microscope can also be useful as an aid to remove splinters.

Above, beard hair

Above, a fingernail

Perhaps a big asset is in a situation where one may wish to send a photo of a skin issue, such as the skin tag above, to their doctor for advice before an actual visit.

Examining proper weaving and thread count on fabrics is a breeze with this microscope.

Credit Card forgery has been a growing concern. This microscope is a great tool to verify authentic cards from fake.

Fake autographs placed on cheap, inexpensive items can boost their marketability and value considerably. This microscope can aid in the evaluation and comparison of signed items to verify their authenticity:

Above, the sharp details of the lead on a mechanical pencil. Below, the color, textures and the arrangement of feathers help to distinguish a particular bird species from another:

What could be more fun than to examine an insect up close and personal?

The above is not what you think! At first glance, this cluster of white balls appears to be insect eggs found lying on the carpet of a child’s bedroom. Close examination under the Jiusion USB and WiFi digital microscope reveals that they are a cluster of sticky Styrofoam balls (each no more than 2mm wide) that were part of a child’s toy! The fibers are from the carpet in the child’s room!

While we were at it, we found numerous dust bunnies and fuzzballs under the bed! The photo above is of a fuzzball!

As an enthusiastic philatelist (one who collects postage stamps), I used the Jiusion USB and WiFi digital microscope to examine several postage stamps for precise printing and proper perforations, both key elements in obtaining the best quality postage stamps for one’s collection.

So now you have seen what the Jiusion USB and WiFi digital microscopes can do. Now let’s discuss the Jiusion operation manual, ease of setting up the microscope, and the simple steps for using the microscopes.

First off, the manual is simple to use, and save for a small handful of useful items, I was able to set up both versions of the microscope and had them running and saving videos and photographs in less than 15 minutes.

The wireless (WiFi) version comes with a “Magic Box” which is a wireless remote. It needs to be charged in a USB outlet before use. This unit makes the WiFi microscope great for ease and portability for both a smartphone and a laptop, for instance.

Both versions come with a switch that controls the 8-LED lighting. You can use the microscopes with existing light or a brightness range that the 8-LED’s cover.

The software that is provided by Jiusion is simple to install and use. You can store your photos and videos on any directory that you choose and you can set the desired photo output resolution as shown above.

You can take a photo, either by standard magnification or by zooming in on the subject (above). Or you can record a video (below). You can hand-hold the microscope or use the microscope stand that is provided in the kit for both photographs and videos. You can also purchase a more rigid stand for both microscopes which makes focusing easier, and is recommended.

I highly recommend this product and I am sure that you will get many years of enjoyment and satisfaction from this product. I ordered mine from Amazon, where you can also find some very cool and inexpensive accessories for your microscope from Jiusion.

Above, ingredients for an “everything-on-it bagal”

And as a side, I contacted Jiusion customer service, since they proudly proclaim their quick and friendly customer service. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and cheerfully they responded! I just wish my telephone service provider responded this same way!

Impressed with the results and performance? They make a great gift for yourself or for a Christmas gift. If you would like to order one (or more!) please follow this link:


All photographs are the copyright of Jim Jackson Photography. Please contact me for authorization to use or for signed, high-resolution copies.









































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