The Markets of Athens

Photo of a Greek merchant in Athens

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It seems that America is one of those few countries where we have stopped going to local meat, fish, vegetable, fruit and flower markets. Instead, we go to supermarkets or mega stores for our groceries. My family is no different, simply because where we live there are only a handful of farmer’s markets.

When we travel, however, one of our most favorite places to spend time at is the local meat and fish markets. They are noisy, sometimes chaotic, but always colorful and exciting. Without a doubt, they are amazing to see and photograph.

Among many things, Greece is known for olives and the local vegetable market in Athens is where you can find an endless selection of many different varieties, including the famous Kalamata olive.

Ideally, when you visit a new place, you can stay where you can cook for yourself, but if not, at least buy some fresh fruit and enjoy a wonderful picnic in a local park.

The fish market in Athens is like no other. It has fresh and salted fish from the region and the fishmongers take great delight in showing you their astonishing array of products.

Most Americans are a bit squeamish when it comes to seeing where their food comes from but in most parts of the world, people would rather see what their meats, fish, and produce looks like before it has been processed. Even their snails must be fresh!

Smaller mom and pop shops abound in Athens and you can buy just about anything including some cool souvenirs, baskeys, cigars or even a tattoo!

Perhaps a shopping adventure may not show up on your bucket list, but while you are fulfilling an item that is on the list, you should not hesitate to visit local markets. If you are lucky enough to have a place to stay that has a refrigerator and a stove or barbeque, drop by the local market, mingle with the locals and purchase a local product. It helps their economy and gives you an insight into their culture. It’s a great way to add more drops into your bucket!


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