Tulip Time in Oregon

Photo of a Dutch windmill in Oregon tulip farm

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No, Toto, we are not in Kansas and we are not in Holland, we are in Oregon to see the spectacular blooming of tulips near the town of Woodburn. And if you are into colors as I am, you will be dazzled- no, check that, you will be beyond dazzled!

I won’t bore you with a bunch of writing about what you will see here. The following photos will give you a hint, but you really must go there to see this amazing place yourself.

If you plan to go there, here are some of the particulars:

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

33814 S Meridian Road

Woodburn, Oregon 97071


The tulip farm is over 40 acres of stunning, beautiful tulips.

Located about 45 minutes south of Portland and 30 minutes north of Salem.

Typically the blooming season is about March 23–May 6

Check their website for details

Is a trip to the Netherlands to see the spectacular colors of the tulips in bloom on your bucket list? Maybe the high cost of going there is a little prohibitive? Instead think about a trip to Woodburn, Oregon, just a little south of Portland. It may whet your appetite for a trip to Holland, but then again, a visit here may satisfy your urge and this might just be that drop in the bucket!


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