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Have you ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? Did you know that there is such a place? Did you know that the Four Corners is the only place in the USA where four states meet?

You can actually be in four places at once!

Above, Wilson Arch

We left Arches National Park after spending the night in nearby Moab and headed toward Monument Valley. Along the way there really isn’t too much to see unless you want to take a side trip that will most likely prevent you from seeing Monument Valley at the Golden Hour. Keep your eyes open for the Wilson Arch, it is right off the main highway and it’s worth the stop.

On the way to Monument Valley, you should also consider a stop at the Four Corners. It is worth the stop just to get out and stretch your legs, enjoy some fry bread and shop for some Native American handicrafts. There you can purchase some beautiful Native American jewelry for not much money.

Located at the corner of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, the Four Corners Monument was formalized in 1912, when a cement pad was built to officially mark the spot where the states joined. Later the cement pad, which was literally out in the middle of nowhere, was replaced with a granite monument and brass plaques to designate the actual joining of the “four corners.”
Please note that the Four Corners is not part of the US National Park system (Senior Passes for US National Parks are not accepted here.)

I did push-ups in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado all at the same time!

Open daily.
* April 1 – September 30 (Peak Season): 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
* October 1 – March 30 (Off Season): 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Please check the website to confirm hours of operation.

Park entrance fees:
Buy online in advance or pay in cash at the gate. (The nearest ATM is five miles away.)
Per Vehicle: $20
Per Individual: $10

Four Corners Monument Office
PO Box 861
Teec Nos Pos, AZ 86514
(928) 206-2540


Above, Shipwreck Rock off Route 13 in San Juan County, Shiprock, New Mexico

Four Corners is located along the great Colorado Plateau, and is close to many National Parks like Canyon de Chelly National Monument as well as Navajo Nation Parks like Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon.

Undoubtedly, Monument Valley and Arches National Park are on many bucket lists. This part of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado offer spectacular sights and will make a great addition to your drop in the bucket!


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