The Frame in Dubai, UAE

Photo of suspended over the see-thru floor

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In the afternoon we caught a cab ride from our hotel to what they call the Dubai Frame.  It is a massive rectangular arch that is shaped like a huge photo frame. 

The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai.  It has been described as “the biggest picture frame on the planet,” however it is also controversial as the “biggest stolen building of all time.”  

Apparently, Dubai was working with a Mexican architect who came up with the design, then they made slight modifications and built the Frame, not bothering to let the architect know that they had used his design.  The project was conceived by Fernando Donis and selected as the winner of a design competition by the Government of Dubai.  It is alleged that the designer had his intellectual property stolen and was denied credit for the design.  He sued, and they gave him $130,000.00 and credit for the design.


Below: While you are inside at the top of the frame, if you look to the East you will see the old parts of Dubai.  If you look to the West, you will see the new, modern skyline on Dubai.  If you look down through the see-thru glass, you might feel a bit squeamish! 

The old Dubai on one side and the new Dubai on the other side.

Inside the Frame are several interactive screens where you can write, draw or just doodle and it shows up on a large screen where you can take a photo.  It disappears quickly so you have a limited amount of time to decide what you want to create, then compose it, run over to the large screen and take your photo.  Since this was our 25th wedding anniversary we both doodled hearts.  Do I hear an “ahhhhhh?”

Click on the following to watch a video of a walk over the see-thru glass floor at the Frame in Dubai:

The building is 150 meters (492 feet) high and on the top level, the floor is transparent.  It took me a few seconds to gather the nerve to walk on it.  Looking down at the ground was almost surreal as the people walking below looked like fleas!  Yes, fleas, not the usual “they looked like ants!”  


It is rather easy to be involved in an item on your bucket list item and then almost immediately find several places to see and things to do that you want to add to your list.  That’s OK, a bucket list is a dynamic document and it can change whenever you want to change it.  There are no rules for adding or subtracting items from your list of places to see and things to do.  The main idea is to fill your list with drops in the bucket! 



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